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K Webster: Running Free

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Woodland Creek Series. 30 Authors. 30 Shifter Stories. One Epic Release Day. Frankie Aleen, a Doberman-shifter, has lived her life in and out of both foster homes and animal shelters. Without a mentor to guide her through the trials of shapeshifting, she was left to struggle to find balance between that of human and dog. Five years ago, though, she ran away from Chicago and ended up in the quaint town of Woodland Creek, Indiana, at the age of seventeen and finally found a safe harbor. An owl-shifter, Otis Brock, took her in and has been a father figure to her ever since. Even though Frankie, now a bartender, has a wild, rebellious streak, she feels obligated to seek out other abandoned shifters to provide mentorship of her own. Frankie’s safe haven is threatened, however, when teen shifters start turning up dead around Woodland Pond, and she makes it her mission to find the perpetrator and seek justice. But when one of Woodland Creek PD’s finest, Detective Gunnar Mason, starts sniffing around, he begins to notice that each of the deceased teens are somehow linked to that of the sexy, mysterious bartender with a sharp tongue. He doesn’t want her out of his sight until he’s sure she’s not responsible for the deaths that are stacking up. Things aren’t what they seem in Woodland Creek and he’s sure that Frankie is harboring a dark secret—a secret that may be the key to solving the entire case. Will Frankie become distracted from her quest for justice by the handsome detective that seems immune to her powers of intimidation? What will happen when Gunnar discovers secrets that weren’t ever meant to be uncovered by humans? The CAGED system (five positions), the Finger Stretch system (all twelve keys in one position) and the Three-Note Per String system (seven patterns) are examined And just how far from normal he is As a result of this book being first published many decades ago, it may have occasional imperfections There are elements beyond our comprehension" In one breath, he recommends partying with frat boys to relax as a recommendation to help heal a headache, and in another breath, he condenses complex medical knowledge on headaches into easy-to-understand language download Running Free pdf I had never desired a man, but when I looked at Nathan, my boss and the company CEO, I felt a strong urge to kiss his luscious lips and being held in his strong arms Net from ancient pottery, North Carolina 45 PREHISTORIC TEXTILE ART OF EASTERN UNITED STATES By W Lern wie unsere Freunde die Tiere bringen Magie in unserer menschlichen WeltRunning Free free download pdf cfs During the Tay Son rebellion, Nguyen Hue, the youngest of the Tay Son brothers, was revered as the most successful military commander in Vietnamese history download Running Free pdf **BONUS!! EXTRA 7 SIZZLING HOT ROMANCE STORIES INCLUDED!!** When young Clara Wittibrew answers an ad calling for a wife across the ocean in the states, she hardly knows what she is getting herself into


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  • Paperback: 220 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • ISBN-10: 1517689694

File size: 3,3 MB

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